Successful 41st Annual Meeting

Hundreds of shareholders turned out to attend the 41st Annual Shareholders meeting at the Cultural Center in Bethel on May 2, 2015.   Inspectors of election reported 53% of shareholders were present in person or by proxy and a quorum for the meeting was established.

Inspectors of election revealed the results for the five candidates running for the three director positions as follows:

Candidate                                                 Votes

Ignatius Louie Andrew                          30,259

Lyman Hoffman                                      74,303

Henry Hunter Sr                                     51,651

Walter Jim Jr                                           29,207

Donna Lindsey                                        54,960

George S Seal                                          13,677

Congratulations to the three newly elected directors: Lyman Hoffman, Donna Lindsey and Henry Hunter Sr.   Each director is elected to serve a three year term.