An ANCSA Village Corporation

Our Subsidiary Operations

Bethel Native Corporation subsidiary companies have 8(a) contracting capabilities, a vast range of services, strong bonding capacity, and a history of providing solutions for client needs.  Bethel’s wholly owned companies are available for government and private sectors contracting.  All companies are headquartered in Bethel with additional offices in Anchorage and the lower 48.

Bethel Solutions Inc is a holding company providing centralized administrative and financial support services for all Bethel companies.

Bethel Federal Services LLC is an SBA 8(a) certified company providing federal logistical support services.

Bethel Environmental Solutions LLC is an SBA 8(a) certified company providing environmental assessment, remediation and consultation services with expertise in permitting and surveying.

Bethel Contracting LLC is an SBA 8(a) certified company providing general construction services including construction management & design build experience.  Bethel has strong bonding capacity and years of successful construction experience in remote Alaska and urban areas.

Bethel Builders LLC provides water and sewer line related construction services.  Bethel Builders offers general contracting, design-build and construction management services for a wide variety of projects, including commercial, institutional, government, healthcare, municipal, and industrial markets.

Bethel Engineering & Consulting LLC provides engineering consulting services for the federal government and the private sector.

Bethel Services Inc performs property management services, construction and procurement services.

BNC International Inc performs demolition, surveying and mapping services.

Chairman Lyman Hoffman and members of the Board of Directors.