2022 Distribution

The Trustees of Bethel Elkartaa Settlement Trust (BEST) approved a beneficiary distribution equal to $3.12 per unit share to be payable in December.   To request direct deposit, please submit your direct deposit form to the BNC office in Bethel office by November 10, 2022.  The shareholder record date for this distribution is Nov 11, 2022.  If you have moved, please update your mailing address in writing.

The annual distribution amount is determined by a dividend formula based on a five-year average performance. All shareholders of BNC are also beneficiaries of BEST.  This will be the thirty-fifth year of consistent annual dividends.  The annual distributions have a significant impact on the local economy since the majority of the shareholders still reside in and around the Bethel area.  The corporation continues to remain headquartered in Bethel with operations in Alaska and along the Pacific coast.

The Bethel Native Corporation Board of Directors serve as Trustees of the Bethel Elkartaa Settlement Trust.  Ana Hoffman serves as the President/CEO.

If you have any questions, please call the Bethel office at 907-543-2124 or email bethel@bncak.com.