2022 BNC Annual Meeting of Shareholders Election Results

On Saturday, May 7, 2022, the Inspectors of Election announced there was a quorum present at the Bethel Native Corporation annual meeting of shareholders with 81,121.14 shares represented in person or by proxy.  This represents 51.7% of the total 157,032.8993 outstanding shares entitled to vote.

The election inspectors announced shareholders overwhelmingly approved the adoption of the Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation and provided the Board of Director election results as follows:

Gregory Hoffman, Sr  received 44,192.56 votes

Robert J Hoffman received 43,037.83 votes

Robert Lekander received 46,368.33 votes

Rose “Sugar” Henderson received 24,212.95

Beverly Ann Hoffman received 45,138.35

Bethany Kaiser received 36,622.82

Congratulations to the following persons elected to serve a three year term: Robert Lekander, Beverly Hoffman and Gregory Hoffman, Sr.

Quyana to all six candidates for your interest! Quyana shareholders for submitting your proxy!


If you want to opt in or opt out of receiving your annual meeting materials electronically in the future, please contact the BNC office at 907-543-2124 or email bethel@bncak.com to communicate that request.